• Alternative:hóper édei deîxai ; Q.E.D. ; Q.E.D. - Final Proof ; Q.E.D. 証明終了 ; QED - Shoumeishuuryou ; Quod Erat Demonstrandum - Demikian telah dibuktikan ; Quod Erat Demonstrandum - Shomei Shu ; ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι ; 神通小侦探
  • Author:Katou motohiro
  • Views:20.000 view
  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Adventure, Award winning, Comedy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School life, Slice of life


Touma Sou graduated from MIT, but he comes back to Japan because he wants to know how it feels to be a high school student. On the other hand, Mizuhara Kana is a strong girl who loves sports. Together, they are partners in solving cases that happen around them.
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